astral traveller


collab w/ negative—creeps. i animated it a bit but the file is too big for tumblr so go here if u want to see it

smowk doodles for ridingthescree

me and ridingthescree are doing collab commissions

He needs money to help transitioning so if you could commission us or if you could donate to him, it would mean a lot. Here’s a more in depth post on his situation.

full pictures are $20 and icons are $10, if you want anything else just send me or him a message. Paypal only. The top 6 posts are examples of his art (his dA is here) and the next 3 are mine (my dA), the last is an example of our collab icons.

we can do all sorts of stuff, not just psychedelic. Any animal/species is fine.

he reeeally needs money and this would mean a lot to him and me, if you could signal boost it would really be appreciated!

at least…..  i think i must be

two things i drew on acid, forgot to post here.

gate guard

thank you lsd once again for making me not want to draw slightly normal things anymore

the end

the downward spiral